Wednesday, April 12, 2006

YYYAAAAAAAAAAY i have mr hard drive back now so me and richy can beging the task of .. du duuu duuu!! rendering. scary, not much time left now, production will soon begin on the monsters as for now im sorting out all our render problembs and adding new images and sets to our scenecs, in total we have 25 scenes (many are divided scences) tommorow i hopefully will put a final render of scence's 1, 2 (maybe 3) and 4.

gwtting there.

well heres some test using maya, this is a small scene where the camera pulls backward to show leo alone in the woods. at the mo im trying to cut render times and also light the scene so leo is not visable (other than the outline) when the pull back is complete

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lil maya

I have been concentrating on my skethbook and tests in maya.
below are some renders from maya
this is a scene where leo is on stage dancing with monsters. (monsters not yet done)

Bin away from the blog ^_^

Well its been a while since my last post.

here are some pics of possible monsters. Some are original images others have been edited by myself or richy :)

:) the monster at the top is our best design so far for the first monster leo finds :)

Thursday, November 03, 2005



just bee working on the story at the mo.. here is our time plan with numbered boards.. will be pics soon :)

Key point

Scene Description

1 Intro to family

. Leo the cat at home with family

2 Leo told not to go into woods.

Mother instructing Leo

3 Leo thinks about cousin Pete

4 Leo ventures into woods.

. Is too small to join in so runs away to see cousin "Pete" (to grow big and strong)

5Leo afraid in woods

6 monsters copy Leo’s actions

7 Leo haunted by imaginary monsters.

. He is lost and afraid in the woods... monsters begin to appear and follow him. The monsters become bigger and scarier

8Leo realises monsters are is imagination

9And interacts with them

10and starts to dance about

Leo comes face to face to face with one of them only to realize it's small and cute. Leo begins to enjoy being lost and dances and (sing?) (Conga on monsters?? They follow Leo?)

11Leo finds rover

12Tries to play with him

13 his new friends hide away

14Rover the nasty dog chases Leo.

Leo stumbles upon an angry looking dog... Leo approaches it only to find out that rover was big and scary!!!! Leo is scared and his monster friends hide away...

15 Leo remembers mothers wise words

16 Leo outwits Rover.

17 rover runs to fetch stick

18 monsters celebrate Leos victory

Leo has a flash back of his mother telling him that dogs love to chase sticks no mater how big and means they are. Leo throws a stick towards rover... the mean dog runs away and Leo is treated like a hero by all the hiding monsters!!

19 Leo is sad that he can’t find home and is lost in the woods.

Leo is sad and thinks of going home

They help Leo find his way back to his mum (maybe through a bush behind were rover was)

Long shot of Leo running through the bush up to his mum

20Leo can see home.

21 Leo runs towards mum

22 Leo is at home with mum

· Leo in his mothers arms (credits)


1-5 start 30 sec

6-10 monsters start 60 sec

11-18 resolution 30 sec

19-20 end 10 sec

2:10 film

0.20 sec credits/intro

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kitty a go-go

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


here are some pics that i have done mainly ideas for our main dude.

i love this one but maybe a little tooo freaky!!

this is what i want the proportions of our little dude to be (on the left)
i want a small skinny body with big hands feet and ears .... maybe a tail?

trying to devolp emotion with as little drawing possible

I'm still not sure why..... but yeah. dont like lefty.. one on the right has a good face

hehe i love him...... maybe a little crazy and doesnt fit in with the film but i like him anyway ^_^

Final film:

I am working with Mr Richy Marshall we have decided to blog it soo we can keep a visual diary.... and maybe let of a little steam if we getting a little bothered by eachother ^_^

Richy's blog :

right first up is my negotiated proposal:


Steve Moore Richy Marshall


30 sep 05

Working Title:


Revision No.



I am working with richy Marshall on a joint project below is a poem written b Richy

I like the feeling of being lost; I find it the best way to find out where I am. When I move to a new place I just wander off get lost and find my way about. Doing this takes me out of the safe area that I know. After doing this I gain more knowledge of the unknown parts of my mental map and my safe area gets bigger.


On the basis of being lost we want to create a film in which we explore the idea of being/ becoming lost and the way in which our main character will react and be influenced by the situation he’s/she’s in


The film will be a narrative witch follows our main character, we shall use a variety of materials to produce our film, and we will create a 2d animation then mix it into Maya and experiment with 3d adaptation. Our visual style will be very basic and sketchy with little or no textures/fill. The feeling of a vast landscape is important and we will create this by using Maya to expand our 2d planes/pictures. The main character is small child in a kitty suit he will be a place hold character that we will introduce to out environment


1 My first inspiration came from the TV series Lost.

This program is about a group of people who have never met before find themselves on an island after a plane crash. I like the way in which the story is told. By watching you soon forget were they are and are more intrigued by the characters themselves and the struggles the each face I think this is very important and something that I’d like to try and do with the character in my film instead of focusing on the world surrounding our little “cat” I’d like to break down our character and explore his emotions and sensations while he is “lost” and also concentrate on why he’s currently were he is.

2 Secondly I like the children’s book “where the wild things live” I rely like the way the illustrations in this book are drawn and also they way the story is told as a child and even now it’s on of my favourite children’s books. I’d love to rip the book of completely and have the story as my own…but I cant. I like the idea of making this film seem like a child’s story as I think the skills I have adapt themselves well to this medium. In the final film I want lots of monsters with fur and big mouths and lots of randomness and an excuse to draw little monsters that run all over the place

3 My third interest is the computer game yoshi touch and go… as well as the other yoshi games; Yoshi Island. I love the way these games look, and the way in which they’re made they have multiple layers each with a slightly different drawing style and scrolling speed this helps create the illusion or a vast world and this is exactly the way in which I want to make my film. Also the drawing style is nice and id likes to use crayons and maker pens when I design the film. These games have a simple design which is then turned more complex with the introduction of a 3d element.

Roles and Responsibilities

Write an extensive list of all the necessary production stages (eg. character design, storyboarding, script editing, model building, sound recording, compositing etc.) to be undertaken as part of the three stages of production – Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Spend time going into as much detail as you can as an extensive list will not only help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses, but also inform any scheduling activity. If you are working in a group you will need to outline which team member(s) will be working in what specified area.

RM: Richy Marshall

SM: Steve Moore

Pre-production -

Research:-SM & RM

Design: - SM & RM

Story development: - RM & SM

Production –

Maya Animator:-SM

Colour Treatment:-RM

Lead 2-D Animator: - RM

2-D Animator: - SM


Music: - outside source

Final render: - SM

Edit: - RM

About you…

I am very technically able and I think this is my main strength; I am able to use a variety of computer applications and also adapt my skills further with the knowledge of how a computer works this is important when things go unexpectedly wrong because I am usually able to figure these problems out. I am also very good at knowing what I want I think this is very important because im working in a group… and its with richy… we are both very argumentative which I perceive as a good thing we both know that any ideas we may have we rely need to push and “big up” as much as we can otherwise we wont accept it into the final film. I like the idea of working with someone as blunt as me because it means I need to work at 110% just to get my images realised and visa versa. The area I feel least confident in is the musical area I have little or no talent within this sector so I think outside help is a good option, we will need this soon as we don’t want to slap any old crap over the top of our film I will be talking to my brother who goes to music college and Richey will be looking around for anyone he likes.

Finally my other weakness is my research and keeping things in order and tidy : ) but im trying darn it and hopefully I’ll be able to stay neat and organised!!!!!.. end

Contingency plan

Since I will be working with another person, Mr Marshall its essential that I have a plan in case he runs out on me or he says nasty things to me and I leave. I would like to continue with the original story and concept, but certain roles and responsibilities would have to be changed, I thing that if we parted company early on the job or recovering the project would be easier. But if I am left in the lurch late on I do have a plan.

In regard to music which is my weak point I have access to a younger brother who is at music college and he has said he’d help with the music, also the extra work load could be helped with the buddy system the final production is the hardest to recover from but im very technically able and feel I could accomplish the compositing but I may need help preparing images and general preparation for the final edit as Richy is the stronghold when it comes to producing quality he’s very good at making things work and he knows what works I however don’t have this (hehe hehe) so I may need to get people to help me decided what works . Although I don’t think this little plan of mine should come into action as I have worked with Richy before and we were grrrrreat like a box of Frosties, hopefully I shouldn’t need to open the envelope marked plan B